momo always has a room-high, double-wing window with revolving door and external lock as entrance door.

Inside it has an installation floor with laminate and impact sound insulation as well as two (7, 11, 13) or three (16, 20) basic circuits.

Which size do you need?

momo 7 = 2,54 x 2,99 m

momo 11 = 2,54 x 4,85 m

momo 13 = 2,99 x 4,85 m

momo 16 = 2,54 x 7,16 m

momo 20 = 2,99 x 7,16 m

All specifications apply to the external dimensions

Where would you like to have your windows? And how many?

Decide on position and number of windows!

You can choose between double sliding lift doors with external lock as entrance door, double sliding lift doors with internal lock, fixed glazed windows and 70 cm round windows for the bathroom and other adjoining rooms.


Of course momo is also available in many other colours and surface structures.


We offer a wide range of accessories so that you can configure momo the way you feel comfortable:


- Kitchen modules in different sizes and expansion stages

- The bathroom in two different sizes.

- Cupboards and other furniture

- Roof greening, PV systems, battery storage, extra kitchen modules, sun sails, water storage, water treatment, trailers, floats.

And through our partners, many additional ideas and products that make life more relaxing and beautiful, not only in a small space.