momo is the answer to the megatrends of our time

Megatrends - these are the inevitable factors influencing life, society, the economy and each and every one of us.

They change the world and our personal lives.

We have also developed momo with particular regard to these megatrends and how best to deal with them.


Growing mobility - Evolution of mobility - Different forms of mobility - Beginning of a multimobile age

New Work

New meanings of work - New places of work - Creative economy instead of performance society - Successful symbiosis of life and work


The global society is on its way into the future of the 21st century - Post-growth economy - Rise of the generation Global - Worldwide dynamics towards progress

Neo - Ecology

Organic markets, EU plastics regulation, energy system transformation - reorientation of the values of global society, culture and politics - new purchasing decisions, new corporate strategies, new social values


Growth of cities - change of (living) spaces - limited spaces require new ways of thinking and living, new forms of networking and mobility


A basic principle of our culture - freedom of choice - new value systems, new consumer behaviour and new everyday culture

Silver Society

The population gets older - the older ones stay healthy longer - new phase of life, new way of thinking - more self-development, more vitality

Quelle:  Zukunftsinstitut