All momo mobile modules are pre-assembled in Germany ready for use as free-standing units with flat roofs. The units each have an external height of 254 cm, 299 cm are optional. Substructures, height adjusters, floating bodies and chassis are not included in the height specifications. Saddle roofs with a roof pitch of 30° or 45° can be ordered on request. (Each on request).


1. construction

All momos consist of an anodised aluminium profile frame (colour: natural aluminium, E6EV1) connected to steel nodes. Coloured powder coating according to RAL is available on request.


2. exterior walls

The outer wall elements consist of sandwich panels of a leading German manufacturer in 10 cm thickness. They meet the requirements of the EnEV (Energy Saving Ordinance) for normally heated rooms. The sand wiping elements each have a top layer of 0.6 mm galvanised and powder-coated sheet steel on the inside and outside. Colours: Inside similar to RAL 9010 pure white, outside colour to choice. (If necessary longer delivery times and surcharges possible.)

The insulating layer consists of a foam made from biomass (instead of oil) according to a patented process.

Cover layers: Strip galvanised sheet steel with organic plastic coating, other cover layers available on request.

Insulation core: Hard foam based on biomass, approx. 95 % closed-cell, shear-resistant and fully bonded to the sheet metal. Density approx. 40 kg/m3. CFC and HCFC-free (ODP=0).

Fire classification:

D B1 according to DIN 4102 - flame retardant

CH Class 5.3 according to VKF Bern

EU Euro-Class B-s2, d0 FM Approval

Sound insulation: Approx. 26 dB


3. Windows

The windows are plastic windows with steel reinforcement in the frame and are designed as standard as fixed, rotating or sliding windows with white frames in double glazing. All living and recreation room windows are room-high, bathroom windows are round and 70 cm in diameter.

A room-high window is included in the basic equipment. This window (the first window - other windows are optionally available) is equipped with a swing door that can be locked from the outside and inside and also serves as an entrance door.

Aluminium or wooden windows and triple glazing are available on request. Internal or external privacy screens (roller shutters, curtains, blinds, pleated blinds, etc.) are also available on request.


4. Roof/Floor

The roof and floor consist of 10 cm thick sandwich elements, each with a "micro-lined" finish on the top.


5. Flooring

The structure of the floors above the floor sandwich panels consists of 22 mm installation panels, impact sound insulation and high-quality laminate as standard. Natural wood parquet or other individual floor coverings are available on request.


6. Interior Walls

The colour of the interior walls and furniture bodies is similar to RAL 9010 pure white.


7. Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a double floor for installation technology with additional storage space and are equipped with a shower tray (75 x 75 cm), a wall-mounted WC with front wall installation and integrated cistern, a wall unit with mirror doors above and a washbasin. The sanitary objects are white. The installation is carried out by experts according to the state of the art.


8. Kitchen

Several options are available for the installation and equipment of the kitchen:

Kitchen drawer for cabinet installation, equipped with small sink, cutlery tray and free-standing induction hob with one zone.

Mini kitchen with base unit, small sink, cutlery drawer, free-standing induction hob and mini refrigerator. The mobile or off-grid version includes a 10-litre fresh or waste water tank and a battery storage module. Kitchenette or kitchen blocks with sink, refrigerator, small dishwasher and free-standing induction hob with two zones as well as vanity units, wall units and tall units. Details according to plan drawings and separate description of execution.


9. Heating and Hot Water

In the standard version, an infrared heater adapted to the size of the module is installed. Hot water can be supplied by means of a hot water tank or instantaneous water heater. A gas supply is possible on request if there is a surcharge.


10. Electrical Installation

The electrical installation is carried out in accordance with the VDE regulations, the technical connection conditions and other technical regulations.

The modules momo7, momo11 and momo13 each receive two, momo16 and momo20 each three circuits with 230 V and their own miniature circuit breakers, which are fused with a total of 13A as standard. Distributors with 6 or 12 circuits and a primary supply of 400 V/36 A are optionally available for the basic equipment, included as standard in the selection of bathroom or kitchen equipment according to requirements.


11. Sanitary and electrical installation for mobile use

All installations can also be designed to be network-independent for mobile use. (fresh and waste water, gas supply, PV modules, battery storage etc.) For this purpose we plan the installations according to the individual requirements of the buyer.


General Information

All services mentioned are ex works. After delivery, a joint acceptance by the production management of momo Mobilmodul GmbH and the customer takes place. A handover protocol to be signed by both parties to the contract will be drawn up.


In the case of own services, the warranty is void and construction management is not assumed.


All dimensions in the sales plans are approximate. Minor deviations do not represent a reduction in value. The furnishings shown in the floor plans and views, unless listed and described in detail in the building description, are only suggestions for furnishings and design and are not part of the scope of services.


In general, sufficient ventilation of the entire modules and the individual rooms by the client or the user must be ensured (manual window ventilation plus window rebate ventilator and exhaust air via bathroom/WC). If this is not possible, we recommend the installation of a ventilation system (optional).


Deviations from this building description, which serve the improvement, are reserved. If building materials, which are mentioned in the building description, are not or only with difficulty to be procured at the time of the building execution, other equivalent materials are used.


If the buyer commissions external companies to install fitted kitchens, fitted furniture, curtain rails etc., this work may only be carried out after handover or acceptance.


The listed and described services and equipment can be replaced by other, at least equivalent services and equipment, if this appears necessary due to the progress of technology.


Silicone joints require maintenance and are not covered by our warranty..


The construction standards at the time of the conclusion of the contract between momo Mobilmodul GmbH and the buyer apply.



Proof of the buildability of a property is provided by the client, as well as any necessary or desired building ground expertise, and is not included in the scope of services.


Site installation, earthworks and foundation work are not included in the scope of services. Suitable foundations are frost-free strip foundations or individual foundations, gravel beds and gravel beds, roof and traffic areas with sufficient load-bearing capacity and screw foundations.


Trailers and floating bodies can be planned and supplied on request. House connections and their costs are not included in the scope of services.


And something else:

momo Mobilmodul GmbH is happy to assist with its own partners, architects and technicians if necessary, also with specific design work and administrative procedures. Invoicing is always done directly with the companies providing the services.

We would like to inform you comprehensively with this building description. In individual cases, further details can only be clarified in a personal meeting, to which we would be happy to invite you if you have any questions.



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